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LagunCARA is the official Irish/Basque community association based here in Euskadi - The Basque country. CARA means "friend" in Gaelic as does "Lagun" in euskera, hence

LagunCARA is by nature neutral in political and religious terms, aiming to be an open community characterized by heterogeneity, plurality and capacity for ambivalence.

The Association, founded in 2003, aspires to being a model of social integration, rather than being a ghetto-type “Irish Club” in Euskadi; a forum for the mixing of all people in the Basque Country with interests in Ireland (and people in Ireland with interests in the Basque Country). The mission of CARA is to address all the varied wants, needs and aspirations of its members. The Association publishes a newsletter 4 times a year (for example, see:

See an example of our activities at:

Irish National Anthem/Himno Nacional de Irlanda

Become a member!
Formal membership of the Association is open to anyone who shares the aspirations and objectives of the Association and who is recommended by two current CARA members. The annual membership fee is 20 Euro. To join, simply fill in, sign, scan and return the following form with contact details to:

Colonias Urbanas
Talk to Gory at A+D (Aprender, Disfrutar y Más)
M: +34.671-968.717

Want to study English in Ireland?
Talk to Cormac at Mc Grogan's Irish School of English

Want a personalized holiday in the Basque Country?
Talk to Iñigo at "GoBasquing", an agency recommended by CARA.

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