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WHEN: Sunday 14th June 2020.
WHAT: Bloomsday in the Basque Country 2020 - (virtual?) get together
+INFO: Our plans to celebrate Bloomsday this year on Sunday the 14th of June will have to adapt to the surreality of our times. It may not be possible this year to situate the celebration in Getxo, and if we do so we will probably not be able to gather with the same freedom or celebrate with a meal. The flipside is that we have the opportunity to open it up virtually. The consensus seems to be that we could connect by Zoom. If you would like to join us, send me your telephone number (, keep Sunday June the 14th free [provisionally from 10.00-14.00 h] and dust off your copy of Ulysses.

WHAT: Bloomsday in the Basque Country 2020 - Get read by Marilyn!
We also plan to publish for 14th June a collection of short essays (1-2 pages long, each) by **anyone who wishes to contribute**, describing why Joyce and/or Bloomsday is important for you. This will be in honor of our former President Éamon Roche who instilled in many of us an appreciation of the work of Joyce. Your essay could be a personal testimony, written in informal, everyday language for the non-specialist. One or two images should be included to enhance the visual quality of the publication, which will be in digital format (PDF), and freely available to all (with a CC-BY license). Please include your e-mail and send your queries and/or contribution by Monday 8th June to:

WHAT: Irish/Basque Dance Workshop for Adults & Kids
WHEN: Unfortunately, it is hard to see how we can Ceili dance and conform to the requirements for social distancing until we are vaccinated against this antisocial virus. !Qué me quiten lo bailado! But we need to see how we can bring together the fantastic group of people who enjoy dancing. Let’s keep it in mind and maybe later on we will discover a good excuse.
+INFO: Contact Seamus (

WHAT: Ireland Reaching Out is a non-profit organisation based in Ireland who connects people of Irish descent all over the world with their ancestors' place of origin in Ireland.

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