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Basque Academy take tour of Emerald Isle

Interesting snippet here about the Basque Language Academy Euskaltzaindia's publication of the second edition of its magazine Erlea which is devoted to the homeland and our fine literature.

Ireland to feature in Basque Academy magazine 'Erlea' - EiTB News Life

An Irish "Korrika"

A noncompetitive relay race initiative is being held in Ireland these days, aimed at promoting Irish language usage and development. It is called Rith and is inspired by the Korrika

Pass this information on to your friends, relatives, in Ireland. And encourage them to take part as well! For more info, check out

Submitted by Unai Ugalde (

Kate O'Brien, Bilbao, The Basque Country and Spain

Article sent to us by Jose Antonio Sierra about the Irish writer from Limerick Kate O'Brien (1897-1974). Recognized the pride, vitality, intelligence, nobility, tradition and youth of Bilbao. Her book "Farewell Spain" (1937) is a "must" according to Jose Antonio.

Moments of Inspirational Ireland

Spectacular, enthralling photographs of Ireland in natural light by Mick Langan


Resource posted by R. Caira.

Our Children will Accuse Us

Video recommended by Macrea Clarke, about cancer and our nutrition styles

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